Want to get the most out of your home sale?

Ramey's home inspection can help you get every dollar from your home.

You've got your home on the market waiting for the offers to come in, don't be caught off-guard by the buyer's home inspection! Let Ramey's home inspection come in before the buyers and see what might cost you on the sale!

This will give you time to put your best foot forward and receive top dollar for your home.

Put the perfect home on the market.

Put the perfect home on the market.

Once your pre-listing inspection is complete, you will have a detailed report with which you can spruce up your home and then show potential buyers that there are no underlying issues with your home. This will put their minds at ease AND save them money as our reports are transferrable.

Make your sale go smoothly by avoiding:

  • Costly setbacks
  • Renegotiating defects
  • Losing money on unseen issues
  • Delays in the contingency period

Call now to schedule your Pre-Listing home inspection.